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I didn’t think that you will do such a fantastic job with my dissertation. The paper that I received was outstanding and I had no trouble defending it. Thank you for everything.

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Why Us

Our aim is to ensure that your thesis defense goes as smoothly as it possibly can so that you can get your PhD awarded as quickly as possible with minimum of additional work. We know that the key to your success is being fully prepared when you get into your thesis defense which is why our thesis defense writing services are tailored to help ensure that you have everything you will ever need for your defense. Our staff are experts at providing you with your presentation and coaching you in every likely situation you may find yourself in when you have to go through your question and answers session.

Your thesis defense presentation

Your thesis defense presentation should be short and sweet and must cover every point that the defense panel are looking for; we have stood where you are about to stand and have given our own defenses as well as having sat on many panels, so we know exactly what it is that is required from your thesis defense presentation. We can distill your entire thesis into a highly focused presentation that will keep the panel engaged and fully satisfied. We can create your presentation for you in powerpoint or any other format that you would require and will ensure that it is going to be of the very highest quality.

Your Thesis Consultant

If you need a thesis tutor to help you through the questions and answers session of your defense of thesis then we have just the right people for you. Each of our staff is a highly qualified and experienced PhD holder; your consultant will be chosen because they hold a PhD in your subject field and know exactly what they need to do to prepare you for your thesis defense. They will have sat on panels during many thesis defenses as well as having viewed many more so they will be very knowledgeable regarding the process as well as the various types of questions that you may get asked. With their subject knowledge they will be able to understand your thesis and be able to work out many likely questions that you may be asked regarding your presentation, thesis and subject. This will give you practice and confidence in answering these questions allowing you to go into your defense without worries.

Choosing the Best

Whether it is for the preparation of your thesis defense preparation or for coaching as to how to handle the later stages of your defense our highly qualified and experienced consultants are here to help you. Their PhDs in your subject area mean that they are able to give you the very best help available, something that you just will not find elsewhere. So if you want to sail through your PhD defense without any problems and full of confidence get in touch today.

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