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When Dissertation Paraphrasing Becomes Your Acute Problem

What is Meant by a Paraphrase

The term can also be expressed with the word “paraphrasis”. It comes from Latin and means “additional manner of expression”. In other words it is simply a restatement of the meaning of published materials, retelling of a text or passage without changing its original meaning.

Writing a dissertation and paraphrasing can become an acute problem, because paraphrase is an essential part of any scientific work, especially dissertation, but not everyone can understand a gist of paraphrasing. In case you have problems in writing a dissertation our dissertation writing service will do this work for you on a high level and at a reasonable price.

How to Paraphrase Correctly?

While writing a dissertation and paraphrasing you should follow several steps:

  • You are to read the text, which is to be paraphrased thoroughly several times;
  • Then it is better to rewrite the text without consulting the original material;
  • Compare both variants to make sure that your rewriting is correct and accurate, that you have not just changed the order of several words.

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The main ways to paraphrase are to:

  1. Change the structure of the paragraph (the best way to do it is to read a text and rewrite it from memory);
  2. Change the words (it means to change the order of words, to find various synonyms for available words).

How to Avoid Plagiarism While Writing a Dissertation and Paraphrasing?

Never copy entire sentences. This will help you to avoid accidental plagiarism. But if you have problems in writing a dissertation, the best decision is to leave this task to our dissertation writing service and professional team of writers will readily accomplish this work for you. You will be able to become our regular customer. Order a dissertation or any other type of paper as soon as possible and you will get the best results in required terms and at affordable price.