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Marketing Essential Sample

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Marketing Background

Mercedes-Benz was the first petrol powered car. As such, the Benz Patent Motorwagen was licensed in January back in 1886. Mercedes-Benz is the German brand and also a famous luxury car brand and its history goes way back. Benz became the first automotive company in Germany, and its brand strategy is said to be a success and pivotal to its survival (Northrup, 2011). The brand has various series, for example, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class coupe and has more than 100 models. Its output has attained a staggering 100 million each year and has become essential by the rich people. In the market, the Benz car company takes two classes: high quality and high performance of luxury cars (Gross, and Klemmer, 2014).  The company has been making large sales annually over the years and fighting off competition from other close rivals. It has gained recognition in the competitive business market due to its elegance, reliability, and durability.

In this paper, the marketing and company situation of the business will be addressed.

Marketing Situation

In the competitive automobile industry, marketing and promotion have certainly become a significant tool for creating and reconstructing the competitive landscape of the industry. Marketing nowadays is the driving force behind the success and failure of products. Mercedes-Benz has certainly utilized branding and commercialization to reinforce its position in the automobile market and to distinguish itself from rivals (Wheeler, 2012).

The high level of commercialization of Mercedes-Benz products has improved the total sales and hovers around the million marks (Mytelka, and Boyle, 2008). Out of the all the company’s automobiles, Cars comprise a high percentage and rests trucks. There happens to be some disturbing news, according to reports on the enterprise’s sales forecasting, there will be a marginal decline over the next five years. In case the same happens or the forecast holds to be true, rivals have a chance of stealing the market share in case they desire to grow.

Nonetheless, it seems that growth is emanating from the top and bottom end of the market whilst the middle struggles. Inevitably, a number of segments are growing, and luxury segment happens to be a part of the growth. Lately, there is a rise in demand for luxury cars and subcompact vehicles according to various marketing reports. People are more than ever obsessed with sports utility vehicles that have been overwhelmed and can be said to be have reached an elastic limit according to a number of market analysts. The luxury can be presumed to be a highly competitive segment of the market. Apparently, a number of factors are contributing to the market growth of the company. According to financial reports, the population in a number of European countries is aging. It means that a good number of them are free of financial responsibilities or burdens from families and hence the economy considered healthy. It is so since consumers have opened their wallets to purchasing more expensive products for their homes. In relation to the same, consumers are now ditching the minivan and sports utility vehicle and buying more luxurious cars like Mercedes Benz.

Consequently, Mercedes-Benz has lost a significant portion of market share to rivals especially the Japanese competitors (Porter, 2008).  Additionally, there is a virtual dead heat with BMW as both brands have similar appeal to the consumers.

According to various business reports on the growing markets, Mercedes-Benz demand will for certain occur in markets outside Europe, Japan, and USA in the years to come. The company is striving to reinforce its position in the traditional markets and aims at expanding to other regions particularly Brazil, Russia, India, and China or better known as BRIC countries. The company aims at intensifying domestic markets in its various countries of operation. In order to boost its market, Mercedes-Benz will opt to increase its production capacities in different countries and also establish new production plants. In order to also promote its sales, Mercedes-Benz is developing a battery electronic automobile for the highly promising electric vehicle segment. The company is also considering cooperating with other affiliated automotive companies to enhance on marketing.

Company Situation

Mercedes at the moment is applying the traditional marketing strategy for all its models and emphasizes in the print media (Li, & Bernoff, 2011). The company aims reaching out to its traditional buyers via business magazines whereby a number of competing brands advertize in the same publications. The company’s website is loaded with pictures and information about all the models and the latest developments or current trends. The company has made a decision to lay emphasis on various models and is considering setting particular targets for them. The company has a strong brand value and apparently the global leader in the premium cars category, a position that the company aims at exploiting fully to its advantage. The company is also in a situation whereby there is no shortage of capital; or rather there are no capital constraints due to the high returns on investments.

The company is also the leader in innovation making its products stand out and is aiming at investing billions for the purposes of research and development. The company also a strong presence in the motor sport or is highly conspicuous like, for instance, the McLaren Mercedes (Dougall, 2013). The company owns production and assembling companies in many countries across the globe and aims at increasing on the existing ones. The company is developing hybrid brands and fuel economy or efficient brands for the future and also tapping into the emerging markets across the globe and aims at building a global brand. The company is in a situation of hindrance from various regulations in the automotive sector across the globe. The ever appreciating fuel prices tend to lower sales since their brands are considered as ‘fuel guzzlers’. On the other hand, pressure from oil prices has eased owing to the major drop in international oil prices which has hypothetically increased sales. The company is also facing an intensified competition from global automobile brands like Toyota.

Conclusively, the company aims at building its reputation for luxury and durability cars, and thus, introduces other models in the market. The company is now embracing the social media in its various business endeavors and using Facebook to reach their targeted audience who are mostly younger drivers. Moreover, the company is conquering the online internet market and especially with the launch of interactive online films and video podcast. The company is also investing heavily on advertisement that is taking a toll on their finances but on the other hand they are gaining more, in the long run. Through its effective marketing strategies, the company has for years cemented its position as a leading brand in the sport and luxury category edging out major rivals.



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