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Management Thesis Proposal Sample

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The extent of concern of this thesis proposal is the changing aspects at the organizational field level. The thesis will be investigating change initiatives from one organization aiming to introduce technology many organizations of the same type but of a minor level by doing away with manual processes and replacing them with modern information systems which are better off as compared to the older ones (Currie & Guah, 2007, p. 234).

Research questions

The main research question of this proposal is:

1. How does an organizational field advance by substituting manual work processes with information systems?

In an attempt to deal with this research question there are other different questions that should be analyzed. Underlying the key question, several operational questions are existent, such include:

2. Why does the distinct organization enter into a modernization designed by another organization or stay unchanged by sticking to its former manual systems?

3.  What factors does the distinct organization’s decisions rely on, such as: social, or Economic elements and the manipulator’s level of conviction in the initiative use.

4. How does the industry community affect the distinct organization’s decision making process?

5. What other elements are responsible for the decisions that influence the behavior of the organization?

Research objectives

1. To find out how an organizational field advances by substituting manual work processes with information systems

2. To investigate the reasons as to why a distinct organization enters into a modernization designed by another organization or chooses stay unchanged by sticking to its former manual systems

3. To examine the factors that that the decision making of an organization relies on, are social –economic factors involved

4. To find out the effect that the community has on the decision making process of the organization.

Literature review

According to Currie & Guah (2007, p. 234) the organization is a convenient context for ascertaining relevant factors and phenomena of concentration. This thesis is aimed at organizations which does not certainly compete or sustain a network amid themselves, but simply interact through a mutual modernizer, for instance as a central government or factor in the chain of supply chain.

This thesis proposal aims to offer an understanding of the complication of the transformation of an organizational arena by describing and examining the process of modernization through which the distinct organizations change.

The literature on how to cope with change when familiarizing with fresh information systems has greatly focused on intra-organizational themes, mainly on how an organization encourages its staffs to adapt to ups and downs. In regard these changes, the balance of control is twisted because the initiator of the change holds some control over the ones who have to undergo through the change through the process of employment (Parry, 2011, p. 1150). Study has revealed that there are different reactions from organization towards the introduction of an information system (Currie & Guah 2007).


At the methodological arena I will prerequisite to determine the method most suitable for gathering and analyzing the data collected in order to give answers to the research questions. As this research questions are more of a “how and why” as disparate to a “how many and how much”, the responding to the research questions will be an inductive procedure leading from data to theory. Therefore, the selection of research approaches I can reasonably use is narrow to case studies, documentaries grounded concept or action research (Currie & Guah ,2007, p.237). In addition structured interviews with modernizees and modernizers in an attempt to establish information about motivation, original perception and the decision procedure will be of importance alongside with observation of implementation of both manual and digitized work courses.

Research timetable

Task Start date Completion date
Work on research proposal October 2013 18th  November 2013
Fill out ethics approval form October 2013 December 2013
Meet with supervisor December 2013 April 2013
Conduct literature review October 2013 18th  March 2014
Formulate research questions October 2013 November 2013
Data collection January 2014 March 2014
Data analysis January 2014 April 2014
Writing up February 2014 April 2014
Submission 2nd May 2014



Currie, W. L., & Guah, M. W. (2007). Conflicting Institutional Logics: A National Programme for IT in the Organisational Field of Healthcare. Journal of Information Technology, 22(3), 235-247.

Parry, E. (2011). An examination of e-HRM as a means to increase the value of the HR function.

International Journal of Human Resource Management, 22(5), 1146-1162. doi: 10.1080/09585192.2011.556791

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