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I was very pleased with my thesis and the way it was written. Person who worked on it did an outstanding job, so from now, if I will need anything to be written, I will use only your services.

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How We Work

You PhD defense is all that stands between you and those valuable letters for your future business card. Once you have passed you are going to be in a position to dictate the terms of your future employment and command a far higher salary than many can only dream of. But first you have to pass that defense; thesis defense is not an easy task and can be quite frankly a terrifying experience if you have failed to prepare adequately for your ordeal. While it is highly unlikely you will fail your defense, thesis revisions and additional work will be directly related to how well you have managed to impress the panel. If you have stumbled over questions and missed valuable information out of your presentation you may find yourself having to rewrite large portions of your thesis to satisfy the panel. This is why our thesis defense service exists; we are here to help you to get through the defense smoothly with the minimum of work appointed to you after.

Preparation of Your Thesis

It is important that your thesis meets all of the relevant standards for format and is completely free of any form of grammatical or other language errors. This is why our editing and proofreading services are so valuable. Our thesis paper help will enable you to be sure that your thesis is free of any errors before it is reviewed by the panel giving you a huge advantage from the very start of your defense.

Preparation of Your Defense Presentation

We can review your entire thesis and provide you with a short presentation which will enable the audience to review all of the important facts. Our very experienced staff know exactly what is expected from your presentation so will ensure that every requirement is fully covered as well as ensuring that the presentation flows well and is able to impress those viewing.

Thesis Consulting

The part of the defense that many students fear the most is the dreaded question and answer session; every member of the panel will ask you a question in turn about your work and your subject and you have to be able to answer it in an intelligent and informative manner. We can provide you with expert coaching to help you practice how you will deal with these questions by providing you with many potential questions that you may get asked by the professors sitting on the panel.

Why Our Service Is the Best

We are a highly specialized service providing help for your defense; thesis defense requires a huge amount of preparation that can only be done by someone with a full understanding of your thesis and you subject area. This is why we only employ PhD qualified staff to provide support for your defense. Thesis presentations and coaching can be provided to the highest standards ensuring that you can go into your defense full of confidence.

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