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Whom Should You Mention in Acknowledgments Section?

The acknowledgement section of dissertation writing is also advised because it allows you show gratitude to those who have contributed to make your work study possible. Of course before any finished product, there are some individuals that you will have to consult to accomplish your task. You will not have to mention only the people who have helped you directly but also those behind the work. You will find it useful to write down the names of people whom you can give thanks to. The wordings of this section are plain and simple. You will only have to mention your appreciation for their help in the sincerest way.

Acknowledgement Introduction in Dissertation Writing

List down the names of people who have shared their knowledge or effort which helped you finish your dissertation project. Aside from sources of information, you could also add up the people who have financially contributed in your studies or researches.

Acknowledgement for Special People in Dissertation Writing

If you want to especially highlight some people in your acknowledgement section, be sure to create one page for each of them. You may want to thank them specifically for their contribution in your work. Write a particular statement for some special people who helped you in your dissertation.

Acknowledgement in Dissertation Writing: Could You Acknowledge Parents?

If you think mother and father have influenced you in finishing your work, thank them. There is nothing wrong thanking some family members who have helped you with your project.

Acknowledgement in Dissertation Writing: Where Should You Put It on Paper?

Place this section in the first page of your paper, before the table of contents, after your abstract, before references, or after the conclusion. Ask your professor to be sure of it because he may have some special concerns for the placement of your acknowledgement.

Remember these tips in writing your acknowledgement section for dissertation writing. Give thanks to people who have made your project successful by placing their names in this section. You will have the chance to show gratitude to them by giving them credit for their share.

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