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Proper Dissertation Appendices Formatting Tips

One of the most important parts of dissertation writing is writing appendices. These are used to incorporate materials in your work. You would have to avoid long and boring appendices. Perhaps you can also include an appendix that is useful for the material. This may contain important material that nevertheless break up, clutter, or distract the text.

Sources work will become references although not quoted but found in the appendix. However, you shall not only copy some journals or articles which helped you in dissertation writing. If you would come across important materials along the way, you could discuss and interpret them within your dissertation. Your appendix is important for bits of information that can give support for your work. They can be used by readers as references after reading your work.

What is the right format for dissertation writing appendices?

You will have to include supporting evidence, specialized information, contributing facts, technical data, descriptions or tables, descriptions of instruments, questionnaire, maps, and others.

If you wouldn’t include appendices, the text in your dissertation body must be comprehensive or complete. You must include diagrams, tables, and results needed to answer your questions or give support for your thesis.

Format of Dissertation Writing Appendix

The heading must be bold and centered. In addition, you shall write one appendix per page. You must also list appendices in the content’s table. Include the page number after the text’s body. In addition, the appendix may also come before the reference list.

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