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Helpful Dissertation Writing Tips

Dissertation Writing

When writing your dissertation, make sure to follow the central argument and build your research around it. Develop it in the chapters and shed the light on this argument from various perspectives if you want to convince readers in your point of view.

Discussion Section of Your Dissertation

When writing discussion section of your dissertation don’t just let it flag, but rather indicate that you have made your point by using sentences which show that you have reached the climax in your argument and sum it up in the conclusion.

Conclusion Section of Your Dissertation

Conclusion is the last chapter of your dissertation and your last opportunity to make your point clear, so try to do everything possible to write a great conclusive chapter in order to leave a strong impression on your examiners. Make sure that it is not just a sum of the major argument, but rather a synthesis of your thoughts and suggestions as to future research.

Bibliography Section of Your Dissertation

Bibliography section usually writes itself if you are doing everything right. Do not rush with it and don’t leave it to the last minute. Make certain that you are using correct referencing style and include every source you consult.

Don’t lose points due to simple grammar, punctuation and spelling errors. Proofread, spell check and edit carefully every sentence. For most students it is hard to find their mistakes, so ask your friend to do it for you.

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