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Good Literature Review Is a Key to Success

Purposes of Literature Review Chapter

Literature review is one of the most important parts of your dissertation and is meant to give a full overview of the important literature published on the topic you are researching. The purpose of any literature review chapter is:

  • to examine the topic or field in order to formulate the problem and ways of solving it;
  • to conduct necessary research for the relevant material;
  • to choose relevant resources in order to fully interpret the topic and to discuss obtained information.

How to Write a Good Literature Review for Your Dissertation

In order to write a good literature review, you have to make sure that your perspective and arguments are clear; theses and conclusions are credible and the overall structure provides clear understanding of the topic. Close attention should be paid to the attribution, value, expression and to the objective while assessing each part of the literature review section.

Structure of the Chapter

Many students think that reviewing literature is something like listing or giving summary of the different parts or pieces of the literature, but it is not so. This chapter of dissertation requires from you to list all the materials that were published together with their evaluation and combination according to the main idea of the research topic. Furthermore, in literature review section, you should group items into sections so you can show their relationship.

Sound literature review is a half of your dissertation, so if you are unable to put it together, a professional dissertation writing company will help.

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