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Dissertation Writing Service Tips on Creating the Table of Contents

Including a Table of Contents Is a Must When Writing a Dissertation

The table of contents is a topic outline of the dissertation which is compiled by listing the headings in the paper down to whichever level you want. It is one of the sections you must include in your dissertation as it is required by formatting rules and guidelines. There is nothing trivial about writing a table of contents, but still some students manage to get it wrong, so here are some tips from Dissertation Writing Service that will help you to write a sound table of contents for your dissertation.

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Dissertation table of contents should appear immediately after the abstract and should not show a listing for the abstract, table of contents itself, frontispiece and epigraph while all other items like chapters, appendices and bibliography should be included. It is important to be consistent in the level of headings that you list; e.g., if you list the third or second-level subheadings in one chapter, you should list the same subheadings for all other chapters. If items in the table of contents are single spaced, you should use dot leaders to connect headings with the page number, but if you are using double spacing, dot leaders are optional.

Dissertation Writing Service Knows What You Should Pay Attention to When Writing A Table of Contents

One more thing that Dissertation Writing Service would like to tell you is that you should make sure that the headings listed in the table of contents match word for word and letter for letter the headings in the text. Double check to make sure that the listed page numbers are accurate as providing wrong number might cause confusion and as a result you will lose points. When you are listing appendices, make sure to indicate the title of each appendix as well as the same levels of headings as for the text.

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