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Dissertation Writing Service Tells What Research Paradigm Is

In the process of dissertation writing, one should necessarily conduct a research providing the information about its methodology and results. According to Dissertation Writing Service, research itself is usually interpreted as the process of answering questions and exploring things which haven’t yet been explored. However, in order to provide a ground research, one should always stick to a certain research paradigm. Research Paradigm is said to be an important part of research methodology as it helps to collect data in effective and appropriate manner. It includes the research methods and research philosophies which consists of a certain set of values, assumptions and beliefs. Our Dissertation Writing Service decided to describe the types of paradigms which exist to you.

Types Of Research Paradigms For Dissertation Writing

DissertationWritingService.org is aware that there are different kinds of research paradigms which your dissertation research can be based on. Research paradigm has three different research philosophies, namely: positivism, interpretivism and realism research philosophies.

Positivism research philosophy, according to our Dissertation Writing Service is based on the empirical methodology and helps to receive generalized and objective data. Statistical methods are widely used in this research philosophy. This kind of philosophy is mostly used in natural science and it is a critical method. The role of the researcher is highly important here as he is the one to analyze all the data and present it in the dissertation.

Interpretive philosophy represents the opposite beliefs than positivism does. According to DissertationWritingService.org ,it criticize Positivism research philosophy with its objectivity and states that there can be many truths and meanings depending on a situation and research problem. This philosophy is usually referred to when conducting a research for business and management dissertation.

The last research philosophy DissertationWritingService.org would like to tell you about is realism research philosophy. According to this approach there is an objective reality to be studied. While conducting a research based on this philosophy one should focus on the beliefs which already exist and be categorical in one’s judgments.

Dissertation Writing Service Provide Needed Help

In case you find it hard to define your research paradigm and experience difficulties in conducting your dissertation research, feel free to turn to our services and one of our professional writers from Dissertation Writing Service will gladly assist you!

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