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To my great surprise, the writer followed my exact requirements and specifications and dissertation turned out to be just what I wanted it to be! To my regret, I had no time to do it myself, but with professional help from Dissertation Writing Service I received just what I ordered and it was delivered right on time.

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Dissertation Writing Service Helps To Create The Reference List

The Reference list is an important part of your dissertation in which you name also the sources which have been used in your paper. Our Dissertation Writing Service advises you to pay special attention to your dissertation reference list creation as it is usually carefully scrutinized by examiners in order to check whether you used the most relevant publications in your paper or not. For that reason, our professional writers decided to give you a couple of tips on creating the reference list of your dissertation.

Dissertation Writing Service Gives Tips On How To Create The Reference List

Dissertation Writing Service agrees that it vital that you include in your reference list only those sources which you have cited in your dissertation. Other supportive materials which you have read while creating your dissertation but haven’t actually cited should be put in a separate Bibliography section. Our Dissertation Writing Service wants to draw your attention that publications both is References and Bibliography sections should be presented in the same manner.

According to Dissertation writing Service, the way in which you present you reference list is mostly dependent on the citation style you use in your dissertation. In case the number system is used, the references should be listed in the order of citation. However, when citing the publications using the name-year system, you are to list the sources alphabetically. No matter what system you use it is imperative to stick to it while creating your reference list, otherwise, your reader will be confused.

Our writers at www.dissertationwritingservice.org are aware that there is a great variety of publications, and each of them requires its own format of presentation. It is as follows:

  • Journal articles – Author(s), (year). Article title, Name of journal, Volume Number, Issue Number, page range.
  • Books – Author(s), (year). Title of book in italics. Edition number, Name of publisher, place of publication.
  • Dissertations, theses, researches – Author(s), (year). Title in italics. Type of publication, Research Group, Name of institution, Country.
  • Information from the Internet – Name of Author(s) or company or organisation, (year), Title of article, URL, date found.
  • Personal communications – Name, (year). Personal communication, Affiliation of named person.
  • Conferences – Author(s), (year). Article title, Name of conference, Location of conference, page range.

Dissertation Writing Service Offers Assistance

Dissertation Writing Service wants you to know that in case you need any kind of help with your dissertation reference list or any other part of the paper, don’t waste a moment and turn to our services for help. Our professional writers will do their best to help you, so order from us immediately.

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