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Dissertation Writing Hints That Work

Central Argument of Dissertation Writing

If you are writing a dissertation, you don’t want it to look like a book, but rather it should be precise and to the point. Of course, you have selected the topic you are familiar with and interested in, but it is essential that your central argument is clear and sustained throughout the dissertation.

Make sure to analyze every detail thoroughly before including it in your dissertation. Read the point you are about to include and see if it has any relation to your central argument as well as whether you will be able to prove this point with supportive evidence or not. If you can’t – don’t bother mentioning it and move on to the next one.

Dissertation Writing for Foreign Students

If you are studying in an English speaking university, it is obvious that you will have to write your dissertation in English. However, if you are a foreign student, it might be difficult for you to write in good English, so if you are not certain about some words or sentences and their meaning, don’t hesitate to look for qualified assistance. Don’t throw marks away with simple punctuation, grammar and spelling errors!

Proper Referencing

Referencing is inevitable if you are writing a dissertation and to do that properly, you need to follow certain guidelines. Make sure to read these guidelines and rules prior to making references so you will not have to do it all over again.

Research Notes for Your Dissertation

When making research notes, be sure to write down all relevant information as to where you got your evidence. If you have done this on the preparation stage, you will not have to differentiate your own ideas from the ones you have found in books and other sources.

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