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Best 5 hints on crafting a dissertation proposal

The dissertation proposal should include a number of essential elements to be complete and well composed. The elements are the following:  a title, an introduction, the objectives and goals behind the writing of this proposal and after the choice of the problem, the methodology you will follow, a literature review, the resources, the outline of the chapters or sections your proposal will be divided to, a timetable and references.

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  1. The title- a start key to write a dissertation proposal
    • Meaningful title: you need a meaningful and relevant title since it’s going to be your point of concentration throughout the whole research.
    • Clutching title: the title is the first thing that will grab your readers’ attention. It should be well sculptured to make a powerful statement.
  2. The introduction- the most important part to write a dissertation proposal
    • Set your reasons: you should identify the causes behind choosing this particular study.
    • Set your ideas: you have to set the outline and the key issue of the problem. Explain why you think that the subject is worth studying, and describe the nature and reasons of your research and the objectives you are hoping to achieve.
  3. The objectives- precise, quantifiable, representative, and time constrained.
  4. Methodology: You should interpret the methods you plan to adopt when investigating and developing your report. A descriptive writing approach is much recommended when you want to write a dissertation proposal.  You should discuss, with your project advisor the density of the required details.
  5. Literature review:  When you offer a clear context of your work you will be defining the present theory in your dissertation and this is the key of this review.  It precisely references all sources stated in the proposal and give a full illustration in the reference list.

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