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I didn’t think that you will do such a fantastic job with my dissertation. The paper that I received was outstanding and I had no trouble defending it. Thank you for everything.

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About Us

Our service is here to ensure that you have the very best possible experience with your thesis defense. We aim to help you to prepare yourself and your thesis to the highest levels so that you can reap the rewards that you deserve. A well prepared thesis and a well prepared PhD thesis defense will ensure that you sail through to your final award with the minimum of work to do and the least amount of stress. Once you have been awarded your PhD the world is your oyster and you can go hunt down that high paying position and follow the career that you really want. The key to gaining your PhD is ensuring that you do your preparation for your thesis defense thoroughly, something that we are very well placed to help you with.

Preparing Your PhD Thesis Defense Presentation

Our highly experienced thesis consultants know exactly what the panel judging your work are looking for from your presentation; therefore they can easily take your thesis and summarize it into a short but very concise powerpoint presentation that will cover all aspects that the panel will be expecting to see. This will ensure the minimal number of interruptions and questions asking for clarification of various points or other problems as well as giving you a good start to your defense to help boost your confidence.

How We Can Provide Thesis Coaching

Thesis consulting is something that our staff take very seriously, each of them is highly experienced and all have at some point or another sat on a panel judging others’ thesis defenses. They know what it is like to view your defense from both sides and have the experience to second guess many of the questions that you may get asked about your thesis. They can provide you with potential questions and help you to develop meaningful answers giving you valuable experience and of course confidence. They can also help you to overcome fears about questions that you may be unable to answer by giving you techniques to help you to answer them in a way that will still keep the panel happy.

We Are Your Number One Choice

Every one of our staff holds a PhD that they have had awarded to them from certified seats of higher learning in places such as the UK or the US, so each is also a Native English speaker. With their in depth knowledge and experience of thesis defense preparation and participation they are in the very best position t provide you with the very best thesis defense help you could every receive. If you want to boost your confidence and maximize your success get in touch with our expert consultants today.

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